What is Gruberie?

Gruberie is providing you an easy & convenient way to explore local cuisines. Walk into one of our partner restaurants, sit down at any table, and start ordering right from your phone. We have mapped every single table in the restaurant, and can detect where you sit. Your order goes right to the kitchen. We take care of the payment for you, so you are finally in charge of your time again. No need to wait for the check or wave down the busy waiter.

Explore new restaurants

Walk into any restaurant, we mapped every table separately, and the Gruberie app detects where you are sitting.

The Tech

Let technology help to enhance your dining experience.

Recommendation Notifications

Order from your phone, we will send the order right to the kitchen, and notify the chef.

Convenient like never before

We work closely with all our partner restaurants to provide you with the most convenient way to dine out. No need to stress out over the check, we take care of the entire payment process for you, so you can concentrate on enjoying your meal.

Forget searching

From searching to finding great food. Gruberie will transforms the way you go about exploring new places to eat.

Always on point

Save time, money and aggravation. When using Gruberie, you will finally be able to focus on the important things related to food again. Like actually enjoying your meal.

Meet the team

Meet the team behind Gruberie. A passionate bunch which strives to improve your dining experience.


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Tell us whats on your mind

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. All feedback is good feedback and we would love to hear your opinion on Gruberie.